4 Things To Look Out For With End Of Tenancy Cleaning

The majority of modern tenancy agreements state that a professional cleaner should be employed to give each property the onceover before new tenants are invited to move in. All tenants are entitled to a clean and hygienic space upon arrival. It is essential for each property to be cleaned and checked in a professional manner that meets the standards required from the industry, so when choosing a company, look out for these 4 things…
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In and Out: Professional Brockley Cleaners Can Help You When Moving

Now that you’ve managed to find yourself a new home, it’s time for the big move; however, you’re not just going to abandon your old house willy-nilly. There’s a lot that goes into moving out of a house; there’s preparations like turning off the utilities and packing to name just a few. For those planning to make a move, dependable Brockley cleaners like Onyx Cleaning Services Limited can provide you with invaluable help for such a mammoth task. Read more

Keeping It Clean: The Benefits Of Regular Domestic Cleaning

Inviting someone new into your home when it is far from at its best can often be seen as a deterrent from hiring a regular domestic cleaning service. Likewise, for a lot of us, chores and housework are a taxing but necessary part of our daily routine that doesn’t get a second thought. However, there are huge benefits to hiring a regular cleaner for both you and your home. Here are just a few…
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After the Party: Blackheath Cleaners Can Help Clean and Other Tips

Parties are fun while they’re going on; however, when your last guest has decided to go home, you’re left to clean everything up—which is not so enjoyable at all. After-party cleaners of Blackheath homes are faced with several problems like spilled food, sticky floors, and other dilemmas. Here are a few ways a professional cleaning team can ensure a quick and painless clean-up. Read more

Bermondsey Cleaners Can Ensure That Your Home Is Clean as a Whistle

A clean home is a healthy home, which is why you should do your best to ensure that your rooms are well-cleaned and spruced up to look their best. This is why domestic cleaning for Bermondsey homes should be high up on your list of priorities. It goes without saying that you would want your family to be safe from potential health hazards and remain comfortable within your home; therefore, proper cleaning is important. Here are a few ways professional Bermondsey cleaners can help in keeping your dwelling spotless. Read more

Onyx Cleaning Services Ltd: Customer Satisfaction is Our Main Focus

Each property is unique, and so are the materials required to clean it. At Onyx Cleaning Services Ltd, we see to it that our cleaning service is tailored to your specific needs. The dedication we put into our work for the sake of quality means that you’ll be receiving the best possible service you can have. We never settle for less—we do our job beyond the customer’s expectations.
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Mission, Vision, and Values: Experience the Onyx Cleaning Difference

Onyx Cleaning Services Ltd is proud of its commitment to the highest level of quality and complete customer satisfaction. We may be a new business, but we have big plans, and they start with you, our client. You are always our top priority, and we will never cease to continuously improve our operations to maintain your satisfaction. We do this through ongoing industry education and training on the latest cleaning techniques, methods, products, and safety procedures. This is how we continue to be the preferred cleaning service in South East London, and hopefully soon, the entire Capital!
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Keep in Touch with Onyx Cleaning Services via Facebook and Twitter

Every property owner knows that the right cleaning service is essential not only for the property’s appearance, but for the overall wellbeing of its inhabitants as well. A clean fresh appearance is more inviting, and ultimately, more healthy. Onyx Cleaning Services Ltd is a top provider of commercial and domestic cleaning services in the South East London area.

We can customise our services to meet any commercial and domestic cleaning job. We look forward to working with you and showing you how we can provide all of your cleaning service needs professionally, efficiently, and affordably. Feel free to connect with us via the following methods.
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