4 Things To Look Out For With End Of Tenancy Cleaning

The majority of modern tenancy agreements state that a professional cleaner should be employed to give each property the onceover before new tenants are invited to move in. All tenants are entitled to a clean and hygienic space upon arrival. It is essential for each property to be cleaned and checked in a professional manner that meets the standards required from the industry, so when choosing a company, look out for these 4 things…

  1. Insurance

    When choosing a cleaning company for your end of or pre tenancy clean, ensure that they are fully insured with public liability and employers liability insurance, to safeguard you should there be any incidents where things are broken or damaged. A good cleaning company, especially one that is well versed in dealing with landlords and estate agents should have a written policy that you can read over for peace of mind that everything is covered.

  2. Reputation

    When hiring a cleaning company for end of tenancy, it is important that you receive an incredibly high standard of service to make sure the house is up to scratch for the people moving in. A good cleaning service will have built up lasting relationships with other customers and this will shine through in their onine presence. When choosing a company, make sure to check out their reviews. Whilst it is unlikely that all true reviews will be pristine, ensure the good far outweigh the bad.

  3. Location

    For estate agents and landlords there can often be a quick turnover of tenants for each property, and often, unforeseen circumstances may arise in which last minute cleaning services are needed. When shopping for end of tenancy cleaning companies, look for one that is based locally, or has staff that operate in the same area as your properties. This will allow for prompt visits that can be arranged at short notice, eliminating the issue of lengthy travelling times for a team to reach you when you really need them. A punctual delivery of service will help make the process of changing tenants as smooth running as possible.

  4. Service Standard

    When it comes to arranging end of tenancy cleaning, it is important to ensure that the high industry standards are met at all times. A good cleaning company should work closely with inventory clerks as well as landlords and estate agents to maintain and keep up to date with the latest checklists. The best service providers should also provide a dedicated supervisor on the day to manage the cleaning process, ensure all these guidelines are met or exceeded and as a point of contact for landlords throughout. They will also talk you through the procedure and show you around at the end of day to ensure satisfaction.

A Reliable End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

Here at Onyx Cleaning Services Limited, we are experts well versed in the process of end of tenancy cleaning. We ensure all checklists are adhered to, covering all the bases and offering a guaranteed service at the highest standard, that both landlord and new tenants can be delighted with.

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