Approaching Post-Renovation Cleaning with Help from Dulwich Cleaners

Any renovations made to your house are meant to enhance it and improve the quality of life within. At the same time, though, while a freshly-renovated house may be a wonderful sight to look at, you can’t just dive back in as there may be traces of all the materials used in the work. Some cleaning will be needed to get the odours and leftovers out, preferably through a team of cleaners in Dulwich such as Onyx Cleaning.

Approaching Post-Renovation Cleaning with Help from Dulwich Cleaners

Taking out the Rubbish

A renovation will leave some detritus behind even if the chosen contractor is capable of taking care of them. Depending on the type of renovations carried out, there could be materials that have dangerous compounds in them. This will warrant a comprehensive health and safety risk assessment programme carried out on the property.

Your preferred domestic cleaning specialists should have adequate personal protective equipment put on to perform the clean-up safely. Special rubbish bins must be readied for easier disposal.

Walls Cleaned Down

The house walls may be painted brightly to diffuse the light, but the presence of spots can dull that diffusion. You will need to have your clean-up team wash it down thoroughly.

Leftover Crumbs

Dust is often a big part of the problem after a post-renovation job, and frequent foot traffic may generate quite a lot of it. While opening all windows or doors is a way to vent out the paint odours, the air circulation, especially on windy days, may exacerbate the swirls. Your preferred cleaning team must be tasked to vacuum up the dust in and around critical areas of the house using industrial-class machines. Some renovation jobs involve covering various pieces of furniture in draped sheets or cellophane, even if you have to remove contents (especially in the case of shelves).

Mopping Up

Some aspects of post-builder work can involve a good dose of floor mopping. The cleaning team may use high-strength products for lasting effect, but these must have no harmful chemicals. We also recommend a quick mopping after a vacuum if the floor is wooden, tiled or linoleum-based.

A successfully renovated house is just waiting to be occupied again, but it has to be spotless to prevent things becoming less than perfect for everyone during the move back in.  Let cleaning companies like Onyx see to that.



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