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Beat The Hangover: The Importance of After-Party Cleaning

We’ve all been there. It’s great having people over, enjoying a few drinks and generally having a great night, but mess is inevitable and the last thing you want to be doing the morning after is cleaning up empty bottles, dirty plates, grubby carpets and sticky surfaces. An after-party cleaner will do all of this – and more – while you spend the morning recovering on the sofa. After-party cleaning just makes sense, and here’s why:

You Can Book Ahead…

If you’re planning a party in advance for a birthday and special occasion, why not factor after-party cleaning into your planning routine? Your home is your pride and joy, and you don’t want your great night to be ruined worrying about how much cleaning you will have to do in the morning. By booking ahead and arranging for after-party cleaners to visit your property the morning after your party – at a reasonable time, of course – you can eliminate all of this stress and hassle, unwind, have a great night and forget about the mess.

…Or On The Day 

While a lot of parties are planned meticulously before they take place, a whole lot more are completely impromptu and organized on the night itself. This is when the party mess can really get out of control. A good after-party cleaning service will give you the option of a same day service, meaning cleaners could be on your doorstep in a matter of hours without you having to so much as get out of bed. Students take note – your Landlord never has to know how many parties you really have.

The Possibilities Are Endless

 In an ideal world, after-party mess would be limited to a few empty bottles, some sticky hard floors and maybe some dirt trodden into the carpet. However, an ideal world it is not, and unavoidable by-products of great parties include red wine spills, late night cooking experiments gone wrong and that one person who has a bit too much to drink. All good after-party cleaning companies have the option of specialist carpet and steam cleaning on request, so why not make use of this if you need to?

It Won’t Cost The World 

One of the main turn-offs when it comes to after-party cleaning is the perception that it costs a lot of money. This really isn’t the case, and especially if you live in rented or student accommodation, is it really worth running the risk of a surprise visit from your Landlord? Here at Onyx Cleaning for example, our prices start at just £12/hour for a comprehensive after-party clean. It’s a small price to pay for returning your home to pristine condition, and who likes cleaning up with a hangover anyway?

Find Out More

Here at Onyx Cleaning Services Limited, we are experts in after-party cleaning and know exactly what it takes to get a post-party home looking its best again. With prices starting at just £12/hour and a comprehensive range of additional services including steam cleaning, appliance cleaning and carpet cleaning, you can rest assured we’ll have your property looking ship-shape again in no time at all.

To make an enquiry or book your after-party clean today, give us a call on 0207 732 3693 or make use of our quick and easy contact form. We all like to party, so why not make the hangover as painless as possible?

Areas We Cover

Onyx Cleaning Services Limited is here to help the hangovers across the whole of South East London and beyond. Areas we service include New Cross, Dulwich,  Blackheath, Greenwich, Brockley, BermondseyPeckham and Forest Hill.

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