How Professional Greenwich Cleaners Can Work Wonders for Your Marriage

According to research, British couples spend 40 minutes arguing over household chores everyday. In fact, fighting over chores is one of the leading reasons for divorce. Imagine a husband and wife who both work full-time jobs coming home to a messy house, only to be told by the other that it’s their “responsibility” to clean up. Or perhaps one of them had spent a significant amount of time looking after the kids and running errands that they need the other to clean up. Read more

When Children and House Chores Mix, Best Leave It to Expert Cleaners

Kids are just so adorable, especially when they turn to you with big round eyes and ask you about anything and everything that catches their attention. They’re lovable little angels that make parenting very much worth it…. though it can be a challenge when they run around your house with muddy shoes and paint-dipped hands while you panic over all your glassware and pottery! Read more

Approaching Post-Renovation Cleaning with Help from Dulwich Cleaners

Any renovations made to your house are meant to enhance it and improve the quality of life within. At the same time, though, while a freshly-renovated house may be a wonderful sight to look at, you can’t just dive back in as there may be traces of all the materials used in the work. Some cleaning will be needed to get the odours and leftovers out, preferably through a team of cleaners in Dulwich such as Onyx Cleaning. Read more

Apply Yourself To Your Appliances: How To Keep Your Home Running Smoothly

kitchen appliance cleaningModern home appliances are there to help you save time and make life easier, but they need to be kept in good working order to do this. Neglecting basic maintenance can cause them to break or wear out sooner, and a broken appliance can cause major problems in your household. Save money on repairs and new machines by following these simple kitchen appliance cleaning tips and make your home run smoother.


With washing machines it is important to follow guidelines. Putting in extra powder will not make your clothes any cleaner so avoid filling it with more than the recommended amount. This will prevent a build-up of detergent and keep your machine up to scratch. Wipe down the tray and inside of the door to keep a clean machine for cleaner clothes.

An often overlooked but vital kitchen appliance cleaning tip is to regularly empty the dust and fibres out of your tumble dryer’s lint trap. This can easily build up after a few cycles and can cause your dryer to take twice as long for each load of washing. Save time and money on electricity bills with this simple bit of maintenance.


Larger bits of food left on plates can clog up your machine and leave kitchenware just as dirty as when it went in. Kitchen appliance cleaning can be made loads easier with a quick rinse or wipe over of the dirtier plates before putting them in for better results with very little effort. It can also pay dividends in extending the life of your dishwasher by clearing the drain for any food deposits once every few months.


Ovens are one of the worst places for a thick build-up of dirt which can leave a terrible smell and even ruin your meals. For the best kitchen appliance cleaning, wipe down regularly, and soak stains in salt for the easy removal of the more stubborn grease. Every few months check and wipe down the rubber oven seal, as a break can cause over 20% of your oven’s heat to be lost, increasing cooking time and electricity bills.


It is very common for the food in microwaves to pop and splatter residue all over the inside of the machine and microwaves are often overlooked in regular kitchen cleans. Remember to give it a quick wipe down once a week to prevent a build-up of nasty food remains. If there is an accumulation of dirt and grime, you can simply soak a cloth in water and heat in the microwave for a few minutes. The steam will help to loosen the stains making it quick and easy to wipe down, to keep it working at its best and your food as tasty as it should be.

Need a Hand?

If you struggle to keep on top of the maintenance of your home appliances and find they are causing day to day hassle, you may find it beneficial to employ a professional domestic kitchen cleaner. Here at Onyx Cleaning Services Limited we have a team of professionally trained cleaners who know just how to get your appliances up to scratch and working optimally. To find out more or to book a cleaner to visit your home, call us now on 0207 732 3693, or use our quick and easy contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Areas We Cover

Onyx Cleaning Services Limited is here to help with kitchen appliance cleaning across the whole of South East London and beyond, no matter how tough the grime may be. Areas we service include Forest Hill, GreenwichNew Cross, Dulwich, Bermondsey, BlackheathBrockley and Peckham.

Professional Cleaners in Peckham Help Avoid Arguments Among Flatmates

The responsibilities in sharing a flat can be summarized into the three big C’s: Cooking, Cleaning, and Costs. Of these, cleaning is one of the biggest causes for fall-outs among flatmates. In a poll conducted by, two-thirds of those surveyed said that they parted ways with their roommates over cleaning problems. This kind of conflict may start out small, but could easily escalate if not dealt with the right way. Read more