Greenwich Cleaners Offer Help in Preparing You for End of Tenancy

Moving out of your rented home doesn’t mean that you are yet free from your obligations to the rented property. Among your responsibilities as a tenant ending your tenancy is to return the flat to its original state and condition, without even the smallest hint of damage lest your landlord ask you for compensation. While end of tenancy cleaning can be carried out by professional cleaners in Greenwich by companies like Onyx Cleaning Service, cleaning is actually just one among the handful of responsibilities you must meet when ending your tenancy.

How to End a Tenancy

There are two kinds of tenancy: fixed term and month-to-month tenancy, both of which have their own requirements when it comes to ending a tenancy. Ending a fixed term tenancy is the more difficult of the two, since simply giving a written or formal notice isn’t enough and your landlord might still insist for you to keep paying your dues as originally agreed upon.

There are some exceptions to this rule, however. For one, if your tenancy agreement contains a break clause, you’re allowed to end the agreement even before the end of the term. If your agreement doesn’t contain a break clause, you may still be able to end your tenancy by asking your landlord if he is willing to negotiate the terms. Though your landlord is in no way obliged to allow this, settling for a negotiation, or letting you “surrender” the property, can be convenient for both of you, particularly if your landlord is planning on repairing and redecorating the property.

For month to month tenancies, tenants are generally expected to present at least a month’s notice should they wish to move out. There are also exceptions to this rule, such as when your landlord is willing to accept a shorter notice period or that your tenancy agreement states that you have to give more notice.

First Step in Preparing for End of Tenancy

After you have given the appropriate notice to your landlord, you may want to spend the time leading up to your last day at the property cleaning, and its best done sooner rather than later. On the last day of your tenancy, your landlord will likely visit the property to inspect it, hence it’s best to make it the way it looked before or, if possible, even better to avoid any hassle, problems or additional charges. Don’t delay in having your flat cleaned and cleared. Seek help from companies that offer Greenwich end of tenancy cleaning services and have it all done for you.



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