Domestic Cleaners in Dulwich: Basic Duties of the Tenant and Landlord

In the rental business, signed agreements are documents that attest to the rights and duties of both tenants and landlords. While the landlord is required to provide a well-kept space for their occupants, the other party has the duty to keep it that way until the end of their contract.

Domestic Cleaners in Dulwich Basic Duties of the Tenant and Landlord

On or before the day of the check-in, a comprehensive inventory that accords to professional standards has to be completed and furnished to the tenants. This document will serve as a guide and reference for both of them throughout the duration of the tenancy. For this reason, it is vital to elaborate or explain the condition of every item or fixture in the unit in detail, not merely putting a vague “all good” and other similar remarks.

Inserting photographs, serial numbers and metre readings with specified terms and descriptions in the inventory is also effective particularly for people who will stay for more than a year. Besides the detailed list, a basic well-done inventory also includes a detailed list of the full names and addresses of the parties involved with dates and signatures.

Part of the Landlord

The check-in day is usually the time both the landlord and the tenants inspect and discuss any concerns with the property. The presence of both parties is needed during this activity, but the occupant may have a copy of the results in case he is not available that day with ample time to sign and return the document. At the other end, the resident should use this opportunity to ask for clarifications with the tenancy agreement, particularly the need for professional domestic cleaners in Dulwich at the end of lease.

Part of the Tenant

On the other hand, the renter is responsible for keeping the household articles as they are described in the inventory until the end of contract, and should inform the leaseholder of any changes. Before making way for new occupants, the entire space also has to be spruced up, including all objects in their proper positions and rubbish bins emptied outside. Moreover, all fragile wares like glassware and chinaware have to be washed and accessible at the end of lease.

When looking for a firm, it’s effective to seek references because positive feedback normally indicates high quality work. Before allowing the assigned specialist to enter the premises, ask the employer or company owner for a brief meeting to get to know the person better.

Although a thorough cleaning of the unit may be done on your own, hiring the services of a company that offers end-of-tenancy cleaning like Onyx Cleaning Services Limited will guarantee the best results and cover any bases you may not have thought of.



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