Domestic Cleaners in Peckham: When Your Job Keeps You from Home Work

More and more people are employing domestic cleaners in Peckham because of their busy schedules. So, how do you source the reliable ones and what’s involved when you find the right one to do the cleaning job in your home?

Domestic Cleaners in Peckham

Anyone can recruit a cleaner by advertising in the local paper but it can be far cheaper and quicker to contact a cleaning service company directly or online. Engaging a reputable firm means that cleaners are already on standby who can start work very quickly. Reliable companies are also likely to have already performed background checks on the cleaners they employ. Find out about their security vetting, like Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) or the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, particularly when children will be in the house when the cleaner calls.

Most reputable cleaning companies offer a comprehensive service which includes all the tasks you would expect to see like mopping, dusting and vacuuming, plus, if requested in some cases, washing and ironing. Other special services like pet sitting or handyman services are additional services and are offered by major cleaning companies.

Cleaning companies differ in terms of the minimum number of hours they allow for the task, but it is usually set for at least two hours per week or three hours a fortnight.

Companies employing domestic cleaners in Peckham, Blackheath, Forest Hill, Greenwich, and other surrounding areas in London should be able to arrange a meeting between the customer and the cleaner prior to the first visit. It is encouraged that the customer allow the cleaner to get acquainted first with the client and be clear about the cleaning task expected of the cleaner or the cleaning crew. The cleaner should also get acquainted with the layout of the place.

Established residential and commercial cleaners, such as Onyx Cleaning Services, has got everything covered for the busy professional like you—from your living room and bedrooms to kitchen and bathrooms. They are insured, vetted, and capable staff so that you can leave the cleaning to your preferred domestic cleaner in Peckham either weekly or fortnightly with nothing to worry about. Among the basic tasks that reliable cleaning services offer are tidying all rooms, mopping and vacuuming all floors, dusting and polishing furniture, watering plants, and if requested, shopping chores as well.

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