Dulwich Cleaners: A Simple Checklist in Doing End of Tenancy Cleaning

When leaving a property for new place to settle, you’ll need to clean it and make way for the new tenants. But cleaning to landlord and end of tenancy standards is rather more than the usual tidy. Instead it means thoroughly scrubbing the unit’s every last nook and cranny. Most tenants, however, are a bit hesitant to do a thorough clean, as it is hard work, incredibly time consuming and the last thing you need to worry about when dealing with the arranging of a new place to live. At times, it can even become the cause of disputes between tenants and their landlords.

With the help of Dulwich cleaners however, you can bring back the property you are leaving to its former pristine cleanliness, to match or better the state it was when you first moved in to ensure all parties involved are happy. Even when keeping a well maintained home, dirt and other grime can easily pile up, not visible to the untrained eye, over the years of your occupancy of the property, so a thorough clean can seem like a daunting prospect. So when tackling your end of tenancy cleaning, where should you start and how should you go about it?


Your kitchen poses the biggest challenge when it comes to cleaning, even if you’re not much of a cook. Among the dirtiest places in the kitchen are its walls, tiles and other surfaces, which can become breeding grounds for bacteria and mould. Meanwhile, cupboards might still contain perishables and other kinds of rubbish and food debris. Another problem that you might encounter in the kitchen is lingering odours, which your landlord is likely to pick up on. Moreover, your landlord will want to ensure that all fixtures are in working order, so check them before it’s time to go.


Along with the kitchen, bathrooms are one area of the home often neglected during the duration of tenancies. Greasy wall tiles can pose a problem in the bathroom. Our assortments of hair and beauty products coat their surface and can be really tough to thoroughly remove, and floors can contain fungal bacteria and dead skin cells. Also, don’t forget the toilet seat! This is often overlooked but give it a proper scrub to remove all germs.


Among the various rooms in a property, bedrooms are actually one of the easiest places to clean and are usually left until last. Luckily, bedrooms tend to have far fewer hiding spots, making it far easier to scour the room for debris and rubbish. The main concern for bedrooms is the build-up of dust along furniture, wardrobes, doors and blinds.

Identifying the places in your flat that need cleaning is just the first step to conducting end of tenancy cleaning. Haven’t got time to tackle it? You can seek help from professionals who offer end of tenancy cleaning in Dulwich, like those from Onyx Cleaning Services Limited, to have your flat cleaned thoroughly, effectively and efficiently to the highest standard.



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