Dulwich Cleaners Tell You the Dirtiest Places and Spots in your Home

If you were asked what you think the dirtiest spot in your home is, you’ll probably think of the toilet seat. The truth is: your toilet seat might actually be cleaner than other places at home that contain more bacteria, and you’ll need the help of professional cleaners in Dulwich to set things right.

Kitchen Table Tops

The place where you prepare your family’s snacks, dirtier than your toilet seat? Your kitchen, more particularly its table tops and cutting boards, are frequently in contact with raw meat products and animal viscera, the stuff where most bacteria originate. At times, you might be putting grocery bags or handbags on your table tops, the bottoms of which are laden with germs. In fact, it has been found that table tops contain coliform bacteria while cutting boards can be the breeding grounds for E. coli and salmonella.

On the other hand, cutting boards and table tops can seem cleaner compared to the dirtiest item at home that can also be found in the kitchen: the kitchen sponge or cloth. You might be shocked to hear that a square inch of a sponge already contains over 10 million bacteria, meaning that a kitchen sponge can get 200,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat!

Faucets and Doorknobs

At first glance, it might seem highly unlikely that the fixture used to clean your hands contains more dirt, but it’s true. While you clean your hands under the running water, you also leave residue on its handle, which can be breeding grounds for coliform bacteria as well as mould and yeast. The same holds true for door or stove knobs, which the US National Science Foundation ranked among the top ten common places for bacteria to hide, most especially when you forget to wipe or wash your hands before touching them.

Bed Sheets

Most people tend to forget the importance of keeping their sheets clean: in fact, many of us have admitted to sleeping on sheets that are washed only once a month while others found unidentified stains, saliva and sweat marks on them.

A clean home is a healthy home, and what better way to ensure that than by having your home cleaned by companies like Onyx Cleaning Services Limited, which offers Dulwich domestic cleaning? Leave the job to them and prepare for a healthier and happier home that defies these shocking statistics!

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