Easy Kitchen Cleaning Tips to Make You a Domestic God or Goddess

kitchen cleaning

The kitchen is often the dirtiest part of the house and so it can seem like an incredibly daunting task to tackle. With the cooking of regular meals, kitchens can get dirty with the blink of an eye, but with these simple cleaning tips you can have it fresh and sparkling again in an instant.


Instead of having 50 various bottles of cleaning products and old dishcloths, take some time to sort through everything and choose which items work best for you. Throw away any old or unused cleaning agents and keep your kitchen cleaning equipment to the minimum of essentials. This will help to keep your cleaning efforts organised and the process as streamlined as possible, cutting down the time spent on chores and getting your kitchen ship shape and pristine as quickly as possible.

Work Surfaces

Don’t let the temptation of keeping lots of things on your countertop win. Find things a home in cupboards and other storage space to keep your work surfaces neat, tidy and clutter free. The more things on the counter, the more things there are to get covered in food splatters, harbour bacteria and thus need cleaning more often than they are actually used. Having a clear space makes your kitchen more inviting and convenient for cooking, as well as being quicker and easier to wipe down and keep clean.

The Microwave

Microwaves are often the dirtiest and most neglected part of the kitchen as it is easy to shut the door and forget about what’s in there. They are also awkward to clean and harbour the most stubborn types of food deposits. The best and by far the easiest way to clean your microwave is to place a wet tissue, cloth or sponge on the plate and heat for 3 minutes. The steam will work wonders with softening the grime and will be easy to wipe away once it has cooled down.


It may sound like a strange kitchen cleaning tip but don’t underestimate the power of vinegar when it comes to cleansing your appliances. Add a small amount to your dishwasher liquid and it will help to break down the more stubborn build up on pots and pans. Try adding a small splash to your washing up water when cleaning glasses, and leave them to air dry. The vinegar will stop you from getting any horrid water marks and it saves on the drying up too!

Other natural kitchen cleaning agents, such as fresh lemon for calcium deposits on teapots, salt on oven spillages, and baking soda for cleaning anything wooden are brilliant for kitchen cleaning. They will also help you save money on more cleaning agents too!

Washing Up

Try and wash up as you go, to save a huge daunting pile of dishes you simply can’t face at the end of a meal, leading to a build-up on your countertop. Also try to keep the dishwasher empty when you embark on your next cooking expedition. This will allow you to load dirty items straight into it as you go, so there are never dirty pans cluttering the worktop.

A Reliable Cleaning Service

If you would like another pair of hands to keep on top of the inevitable build-up of mess and grime, you may want to hire a professional kitchen cleaning service. Here at Onyx Cleaning Services Ltd we have a brilliant service from our trusted professionals who come at a fair price. To find out more call Onyx today on 0207 732 3693 or fill out our handy contact form.

Areas We Cover

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