Forest Hill Cleaners Advise What to Check When Moving Out of Your Flat

Found a better flat or, better yet, a new house to move into? Before getting caught up in the prospect of moving, annoyingly you must first meet your responsibilities as a tenant in presenting a written notice to your landlord and ensuring that the property you are about to move out of is restored to its original state and cleanliness. Forest Hill cleaners can help you in cleaning your flat and remind you of the things you need to assess before moving out of your home.

What to Assess

Landlords themselves will usually assess the property before you leave, and they will give you at least two weeks’ notice, giving you the opportunity to be present during the inspection. It is also during these inspections that formal disputes would usually arise, and to avoid these disagreements happening, you must ensure that your property is thoroughly clean and presentable.

Among the things your landlord or letting agent will assess is the current condition of the furniture, carpets and rugs, and they would ensure that the appliances, fixtures, light bulbs, blinds, and smoke alarms are still in working order. They will also inspect the walls, the bathroom, kitchen, windows and, if stated in the tenancy agreement, the state and tidiness of the garden.

If you’re just getting started with your cleaning, it’s best to begin with these areas of assessment as early as possible to avoid any future disagreements and to prepare the property for its next tenant. You may also opt to hire professionals who offer end of tenancy cleaning in Forest Hill, like those from Onyx Cleaning Services Limited, to ensure that no spot, nook or cranny will be left unturned or dirty.

Before Moving Out

Once you’ve been able to tackle all the cleaning, the next thing you’ll have to do is to settle everything to do with your tenancy. First, ensure that you’ve been able to settle your rent on time and check every fixture and appliance to see if they are in working order. You must also make sure that you’re leaving the place the same way you started living in it, if not in a better condition.

To ensure that nothing will go amiss, it’s also advised to take photographs of the property after you’ve tidied it up to prove that you are indeed leaving it in excellent condition. These photographs can be of great help once disputes arise, but make sure that these photographs are dated. If done right, you can have a hassle-free moving process.



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