How Professional Greenwich Cleaners Can Work Wonders for Your Marriage

According to research, British couples spend 40 minutes arguing over household chores everyday. In fact, fighting over chores is one of the leading reasons for divorce. Imagine a husband and wife who both work full-time jobs coming home to a messy house, only to be told by the other that it’s their “responsibility” to clean up. Or perhaps one of them had spent a significant amount of time looking after the kids and running errands that they need the other to clean up.

How Professional Greenwich Cleaners Can Work Wonders for Your Marriage

These small disputes eventually build up and can create bigger problems for a couple. Fair distribution of tasks is important in order to create a peaceful house and keep everyone happy. Here are some tips that you can take:

  • Set A Schedule –Take time to determine which tasks both of you are willing to shoulder and negotiate on the ones that you both don’t want to do. By doing so you are able to distribute the household chores, without forcing the other to do something they don’t want to. Also remember that both of you need to abide by said schedule.
  • Set A Rest Day – Doing chores everyday can be very tiring, and at the end of the day, no one really wants to do them. Perhaps you could hire the aid of professional cleaners once or twice a week and let yourselves go into “lazy mode”. Taking breaks are also extremely important, and as clinical psychologist Dr.Cecilia said “Take to the sofa, order in, and relax blissfully together. The extra time you’ll have will create other beneficial side effects for your relationship”.
  • Take Initiative – If your partner occasionally slips about leaving the clothes around or forgetting the dishwasher, give him/her the occasional free pass. Do it yourself, but remind them about what they forgot to do. The key to success is to compromise and do things in reason.
  • Help – If both of you are simply too busy, or hate it that much, there’s nothing wrong with hiring someone to do your domestic cleaning for you. Local cleaning companies like Onyx Cleaning Services Limited in Greenwich can make sure that your house is clean and tidy by the time both of you get back from work. All that’s left to do is cuddle while watching TV and sleep in your clean and made bed.

With marriage, both parties will need to learn how to compromise and accept responsibility. If this means being strict about your agreed schedule or hiring professional help then let it be. What truly matters is that you both agree on your chosen plan of action.



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