In and Out: Professional Brockley Cleaners Can Help You When Moving

Now that you’ve managed to find yourself a new home, it’s time for the big move; however, you’re not just going to abandon your old house willy-nilly. There’s a lot that goes into moving out of a house; there’s preparations like turning off the utilities and packing to name just a few. For those planning to make a move, dependable Brockley cleaners like Onyx Cleaning Services Limited can provide you with invaluable help for such a mammoth task.

Moving Out

A cleaning service can help a lot when you’re moving out. If your home is an old house, it’s bound to have accumulated a lot of dirt and grime though the years; even regular cleaning wouldn’t be able to completely reach all of the places you’ll want to clean when potential buyers come by. Obscure locations like the back of your fridge or oven may not have felt the soapy touch of a mop in years. Having a clean home for the new tenants is common courtesy and can impress potential buyers if you are selling up and moving on. This is doubly important if your home is an apartment; your landlord may want to check on your rooms before releasing the deposit to you.

The areas that usually need clearing out are the kitchen and the bathrooms. For the kitchen, you’ll want to have the cabinets and the surfaces wiped down and cleaned by professionals so that they look sparkly and pristine. Cleaners can also check the light fixtures and the sink. As for your bathrooms, ask your cleaning service provider to thoroughly scrub the bath, toilet, and shower for the stubborn, engrained stains.

Moving In

Domestic cleaning for Brockley homes is also a great resource to have when moving in. If it’s a new house, you’ll want to clear out the debris of construction and get rid of the smell of sawdust. Though it is possible to clean a home on your own, you’ll have to dedicate a day or more to it even though there is a whole host of other things that need your attention, like unpacking for starters. To ensure that it’s fit for occupancy, you’ll need to clean a house from top to bottom. Special focus should be placed on public areas and surfaces that you would often touch like door handles and light switches. If the home was previously occupied, you might have to use heavy-duty cleaners to completely sanitise a home before you can make it your own. Needless to say, to avoid all the hard work and hassle, it would be better to leave the job to professional cleaning services to take a weight off your shoulders.

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