Mission, Vision, and Values: Experience the Onyx Cleaning Difference

Onyx Cleaning Services Ltd is proud of its commitment to the highest level of quality and complete customer satisfaction. We may be a new business, but we have big plans, and they start with you, our client. You are always our top priority, and we will never cease to continuously improve our operations to maintain your satisfaction. We do this through ongoing industry education and training on the latest cleaning techniques, methods, products, and safety procedures. This is how we continue to be the preferred cleaning service in South East London, and hopefully soon, the entire Capital!

Our Mission

Onyx Cleaning Services aims to constantly provide cleaning services of the highest quality. We want to exceed your expectations each and every single time. We strive to be an industry leader and become the most trusted choice in the marketplace.

Our Vision

We want to become a game changer when it comes to flexibility and quality of service. Even as we expand our commercial and domestic cleaning services, we want to keep promoting all the good qualities we hold dear as a small business, such as unparalleled customer service and a sense of community within the company. We want to keep our services evolving through the technological improvements that benefit both our employees and clients. We will work hard towards prosperity and stability in our company.

Our Core Values

The Customer Always Comes First—We view our services through our customer’s eyes, and in so doing, we are able to come up with solutions that improve our quality of service and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Innovation is the Name of the Game—We are relentless when it comes to improving our services and efficiency rate, all in the name of delivering smarter solutions faster.

One Company, One Team—Onyx Cleaning Services is a group of individuals working together toward one goal. As a team, we are driven by a single vision. We know that success can only be achieved by working together, supporting one another, and sharing solutions.

Onyx Cleaning Services differentiates itself from other cleaning services by its perfect balance of level of quality, excellent customer service, and competitive rates. Get in touch with us via phone on 020 7732 3693 or email info@onyxcleaning.co.uk to start experiencing the difference we can make.

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