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Here at Onyx Cleaning Services Limited we understand that your pets are an integral part of your family and that they need lots of time and care whilst you are busy with your day to day responsibilities. We offer a variety of pet care services, listed below.

Pet Sitting In Your Home

Pet sitting within your own home whether you are away for a few days or simply busy out and about can be a much preferable alternative to kennels. The benefits include:

  • Less anxiety whilst their owners are away
  • Maintenance of their routine and habits including eating and sleeping
  • Their environment will be consistent
  • There are no difficult arrangements to take care of whilst you are busy preparing to travel
  • Your pets will not be left alone or without due care and attention
  • There are no cages or limited access
  • Your home will also be regularly visited and looked after, rather than being left empty

Pet Visiting

You may find the regular check-ins of pet visiting the most appropriate service because:

  • Your pet is independent and happy to be alone for a few hours at a time
  • You have peace of mind they are comfortable but also looked after
  • You only need small amounts of maintenance, like small play times, changing of litter trays and food
  • Low maintenance arrangements before you leave to travel

Pet Walking

Our friendly staff at Onyx are more than happy to take your pets for a walk if you do not have enough time in the day.

  • Pets need regular exercise and fresh air
  • Exercise will relieve boredom and restlessness
  • Playing and engaging with people outdoors is good for the health and mentality of your pet
  • This is a great option if your daily schedule doesn’t allow for the routine required for regular pet exercise

Dog Day Care

Sending your dog to day care can be a great way for your beloved pet to receive the time and attention it needs, whilst you can rest assured it is safe and happy while you get on with your daily tasks.

  • Day care allows for dogs to interact with others and play
  • All dogs are collected and returned to your property for you so it takes no time out of your day
  • There are no cages at dog day care
  • Day care has a safe environment whilst allowing lots of space to wander round and play
  • Regular food and water are provided throughout the day
  • Consistent supervision to ensure your pet settles in fine and is happy and content
  • Dogs at day care will be walked both in the morning and afternoon for the duration of 3-4 hours in total so they will be worn out when they return home!


Onyx also provide a fully integrated pet care service if you are away from home for an extended period of time.

  • Dogs are kept in a comfortable home as opposed to kennels
  • They have a safe atmosphere to enjoy
  • They will receive regular walks morning and evening
  • Your pets home comforts, such as toys and beds can be brought so their environment remains familiar
  • We can also groom and pamper your dog whilst you are away
  • They will receive as much love and attention as if they were at home with their owners
  • We can send you photos and updates of your dog’s activity while you are away so you can rest assured they are safe and happy.

Find Out More

If you would like to find out the details of our various pet care services, make an enquiry or book your holiday or trip away, give us a call on 0207 732 3693 or fill out our simple contact form and we will get back to you instantly.

For pricing guidelines, take a look at our comprehensive pricing page, then receive your personalised concrete quote.

Areas We Cover

To ensure all pets receive the right amount of care and attention, we operate our services in the following areas around our base in South East London: Forest Hill, Peckham, Greenwich, Dulwich, Blackheath, Brockley, Bermondsey and New Cross.