Professional Cleaners in Peckham Give Bathrooms a Good, Thorough Clean

Nobody is really keen on having to be put in charge of cleaning the bathroom. However, given how important a part it is of daily home living, there’s just no getting around the chore. Here are some tips that can help homeowners keep their private throne rooms spic and span at all times.

Toilet Bowl Stains

Although we never like to admit it, stains are commonly, and sometimes inevitably, left on the toilet bowl despite the many attempts at flushing. Among the causes of bowl residues is the fact that the components of hard water used for flushing are comprised of dissolved minerals in high amounts, which leaves scaly build-ups or dirty water rings in the toilet bowl. Another possible cause for development of bowl stains is rust because of the high iron contents found in hard water.

So what to do?

For the lighter kind of cleaning that most homeowners can DIY, look for the usual toilet bowl cleaning tools and other products found in your homes like vinegar, lemon juice, and mild acids to remove stains formed from body waste product. On the other hand, water stains removal will require stronger commercial cleaning products containing acid, hydrogen chloride, or muriatic acid. Keep in mind to wear protective hand gloves to avoid accidents due to its strong chemicals.

For regular disinfecting purposes, chlorine bleach may suffice. Most homeowners, however, are not all that adept in the proper use and handling of these chemicals, such that the bathroom flooring, rugs, and other fixtures become damaged. Some of them even get injured, spilling bleach on themselves, thereby contracting allergies or adverse reactions to it.

Seek Professional Cleaners

To avoid all these trouble that come with unsupervised DIY cleaning, homeowners are recommended to hire skilled cleaners in Peckham. Cleaning services use special equipment that thoroughly cleans their client’s home and guarantee promising results for their money’s worth. With their professional training and years of experience too, house cleaners not only assure residents a sanitized bathroom, but a visually appealing one as well.

While additional expenses may discourage some homeowners, a Peckham domestic cleaner from service providers like Onyx Cleaning Services Limited is cost effective and beneficial for the long haul, especially for residents who don’t have the luxury of time to clean their own homes—a task that can be really demanding.

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