Professional Domestic Cleaners in Brockley Can Deep Clean Rented Units

While tenants in London have the right to a safe and well-maintained property, keeping the place in the best possible condition all the way to the end of their tenancy will be their responsibility.

Professional Domestic Cleaners in Brockley Can Deep Clean Rented Units

An inventory or a checklist is usually provided to the tenant prior to moving in; if not, it’s important for him or her to request one before he/she leaves. Basically, all articles described in the inventory should be in good condition with the whole space spruced up, including the bedding and linens. Additionally, all expensive or fragile pieces like chinaware and kitchen utensils have to be washed and made accessible in cupboards in their respective rooms.

End-of-tenancy Cleaning

In Brockley, most tenants hire professional domestic cleaners to deep clean rented spaces. Deep cleaning is similar to spring cleaning your home, wherein every nook and cranny will be washed, scrubbed and organized.

Since most commercial homes in London have carpeted flooring, cleaning the rooms will entail conscientious vacuuming, particularly in areas behind and under pieces of furniture. Handprints have to be wiped down in chrome sockets and switches, including any paintwork done in doors and frames. Clear every corner of cobwebs and replace all broken lightbulbs.

Carpet cleaning should also be provided by the professional cleaner for any stain or blemish found. All rubbish bins will also have to be emptied outside.

What to Ask for in Domestic Agencies

While it is possible to clean the property on your own, most landlords in London require a cleaning company receipt from the tenant to be covered in the tenancy agreement.

Trust is an important factor that needs to exist between you and the professional cleaning company of your choice. Gaining this trust is easier if you meet the assigned person or people prior to paying for their services. Be sure to search for reviews or references as well, a positive feedback from previous clients will indicate guaranteed quality work.

To guarantee a thorough cleaning, it’ll be more effective to hire companies that specifically offer end of tenancy cleaning, like Onyx Cleaning Services Limited in Brockley. Such companies work closely with landlords and estate agents to ensure cleaning inventories are followed to the letter.



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