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Trusted Cleaners in Peckham on the Value of End of Tenancy Cleaning

Over the last decade, Peckham has increased in popularity and has become one of the most desirable places to move to in London partly in thanks to some great investments and regeneration. Streets have become more vibrant and cleanliness is becoming more and more a thing to be proud of in both homes and local businesses and office spaces. If you own or rent a space in this up and coming area, end of tenancy cleaning Peckham is one of the services you should not skimp on.

What is end of tenancy cleaning Peckham?

Whether you’re a landlord wanting to attract a new tenant, or a tenant planning to move out soon, end of tenancy cleaning is needed to tidy up the place and meet expected standards. End of tenancy cleaning Peckham is a complete deep sanitation that eliminates all clutter and hidden dirt from a house or flat after months or years of being occupied. End of tenancy cleaning Peckham is a professional service offered by top cleaning expert companies like Onyx Cleaning Services Limited.

Why is it important?

Landlords can find new tenants fast and attract the best rates by keeping their properties in tiptop and impressive conditions. This obligation, however, often ends up being relinquished to the tenants via the tenancy contract. Most tenancy contracts now include a clause requiring tenants to do an end of tenancy cleaning before they move out to ready the property for leasing out to the next tenants.

End of tenancy cleaning isn’t the usual household cleaning you do during the weekend, but one that is far more thorough and usually performed by a professional. Simply put, most landlords require their tenants to hire a professional cleaning company to provide an end of tenancy cleaning service to ensure standards and checklists are met. Those who fail to meet this condition often get involved in deposit disputes with the landlord. In most cases, the landlord will use the deposit to pay for the end of tenancy cleaning should the tenant move out without providing this.

Tasks Included

Reputable cleaners in Peckham use an all-inclusive cleaning checklist, which is based on specific requests by landlords and inventory clerks. This is to ensure that all areas in a flat or house that need critical tidying and polishing are covered by the service. Topping the list are kitchen cupboards, doors, the oven, and the fridge. Considering that these are regularly used, they are likely to need cleaning first.

The floor, especially if it is carpet, must be thoroughly scrubbed to remove dirt and stains. Curtains must also be laundered and no personal items must be left stashed in the wardrobes or cupboards. A clean property will attract the right prospects regardless of the rates. Professional end of tenancy cleaning Peckham ensures this, easing the stress on both tenant and landlord.




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